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Welcome to Total Edge Protection from TotalPack!

Our engineers are often asked to propose a solution to reduce transit damage , a customer may have changed their mode of delivery (ie from their own vehicle to a third party) or perhaps the goods are starting to be exported so extra handling is being incurred. One of the first materials we look to design-in is a solid board / paper laminate as it offers :

• Availability at Low Cost
• High Impact Protection
• Ease of Cutting to Size
• A material made from Recycled Paper
• 100% Recyclability at ‘end of use’
• Options on Size, Quality etc..
  (inc Moisture Resistant)

Used with corrugated cartons it can be applied internally – to increase individual box stackability or externally on the corners / edges of Pallet Loads to both protect the most vulnerable parts of the pallet as well as AT THE VERY LEAST DOUBLE THE STACKABILITY OF A PALLETISED LOAD!

High Impact Protection
Increased Pack Stability
Superior Stacking Strength



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Optimising Transport & Warehouse Space

So often we see vehicles loaded with palletised goods only stacked 1 pallet high  -  the reason is that companies are rightly concerned about product damage when multi-stacking pallets & do not know how to go about building in increased stackability……….. 
Totalpack may well have the answer!

Are you using Heavy Duty Double Wall or Triple Wall Corrugated Cartons? Totalpack can often re-engineer heavy duty grades of corrugated & SAVE YOU MONEY by combining the strengths of solid board edge protectors with  lighter duty corrugated grades. Moreover, the outcome is a HIGHER STACKABILITY of box so there is no compromise of product safety either.Our Solid Board Edge Protectors can be used Vertically & Horizontally, giving maximum protection from Strapping,  StretchWrap , Forklift Handling etc… Even awkward shaped items can be made stackable by designing a protective frame around them .

SELF-ADHESIVE OPTIONWe understand that items are being packed often by one person so a self-adhesive grade is available so the protectors can be stuck / held in position whilst the packer gets on with the rest of the wrapping.
                                TOTAL EDGE PROTECTION

Used for Multi-Stacking Pallets
Used Horizontally & Vertically
Small Conventional Strapping Protectors
Used Internally to increase Stackability
Mitred to produce one-piece top frame

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